Do byte aligners really work faster than others? An insightful review.

byte is the fastest home teeth straightening solution available on the market today. Thanks to their unique high-frequency vibration technology, users enjoy 2x faster treatment than any other aligner company.


In this detailed review, we have broken down the personal opinions of users, costs, and the byte procedure. So, how do you get started with byte?

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Submit an application online

The first step is taking an assessment on the byte website. There are a few quick questions about the state of your mouth and types of payment that might interest you. Filling the whole survey takes about 30 seconds. At the end, you have to provide your email address, so the results can be sent to you.

Here are some guidelines to help you estimate whether you are a candidate:


  • Minor to moderate misalignment
  • Age 12 and above
  • All adult teeth are present

Not so good

  • Severe misalignment or malocclusion
  • Baby teeth are still present

Some issues that are normally deal breakers with other brands might be acceptable to byte.

IssueWhat can be done
Recently removed wisdom teethYou have to wait 6 weeks after extraction or your dentist must approve you for treatment.
Dental implantIt can't be moved, but depending on where it is, byte might be able to move the teeth around it.
Missing teethThe byte team will analyze your case after receiving your impressions.
PregnancyIt can cause your teeth to shift, which means you could require new impressions and aligners. Also, some women find aligning uncomfortable during pregnancy. It’s best to wait, but treatment may be possible.

Whether you qualify for treatment depends on your dentist’s stance on the subject if any of this applies to you.

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Be sure to follow the recommendations of your dentist if there is active decay or gum disease. Proceeding without addressing dental issues can cause severe dental health issues.

Order an impression kit

You can order your impression kit online right after filling out the assessment. Expect to get your package just a few days later.

byte impression kit includes:

  • gloves,
  • a cheek stretcher,
  • 4 molding trays (2 for top 2 for bottom),
  • 8 pots of putty (4 white and 4 red), and
  • a guide.

Make sure to only mix enough putty for one tray at a time. The material hardens quickly! Since you get four trays you have two tries to get it right for top and bottom arches.

The attached instructions include examples of impressions that were taken both correctly and incorrectly. You can compare to make sure you did a good job.

To help you out even more, byte offers “impression sessions”. You can call or even FaceTime the team to help you throughout the process. byte has made a step-by-step video to make it easier for you. For best results, you should return your kit no more than seven days after taking the impressions.

Now, it’s time to take photos of your mouth. You will find tips in the booklet, too. When you’re done with that, upload them to your online byte account.

The byte impression kit costs $95. Right now, you can use promo code “BYTEAUTHORITY2020” to get $65 off.

Approve the treatment plan

After they receive your package, the byte orthodontic team reviews the impressions and photos to create your “aligner profile”. But your teeth aren’t the only things they concentrate on.

byte takes advantage of a technology called “Smile Science”. Using points of analysis, they can assess what the ideal placement of your teeth is in relation to the features on your face. This helps make your new smile not only straight but complementary to your unique look.

byte looks at your:

  • lip line,
  • smile arc,
  • upper lip curvature,
  • lateral negative space (corners of your mouth),
  • smile symmetry, and
  • occlusal frontal plane.

Moreover, byte works with both arches exclusively. That means that even if only your top or bottom teeth need fixing, you will still have to wear two aligners at any time. This helps make sure that your bite doesn’t shift out of alignment.

Everyone’s treatment plan is different. It all depends on the unique situation of the patient. Don’t be surprised if your friend or a reviewer you’ve seen online reported something contrasting. Some plans include back molars, others don’t. Some take two months, others might last four.

One thing is for sure. The treatment byte offers is the quickest among its competitors. The average time is three months! This is thanks to HyperByte, their own technology. But more on that below.

The plan itself will include a 3D step-by-step preview of what your teeth will look like after the treatment. It’s a good idea to check in throughout the process to make sure your teeth are moving along as they should.

Get your byte straightening kit

It will take about four weeks to receive aligners once you approve the plan. When they reach your door, it’s time to get down to business! Here is what the package will include:

  • your custom aligners,
  • the HyperByte,
  • Brightbyte, and
  • a carrying case (with a mirror and emery board inside).

Your aligners are, of course, the most important component. They are highly transparent, stain- and tear-resistant, and made of medical-grade polymer film.

Each pair of aligners will arrive in an individual baggy with a label (“Step 1”, “Step 2”, and so on). They are additionally engraved with your initials and the week number. With byte, you wear each set for one week only, so it’s easy to keep track!

A complimentary bottle of BrightByte is also inside. This is a 3-in-1 solution that whitens your teeth, freshens your breath, and disinfects the aligners. It is a foam that you can squirt directly into the trays.

Start your treatment

Review the contents of your box and make sure everything is there. It’s a good idea to refer back to your treatment plan and confirm that you have all your sets. Then you can finally open up your first one and pop it in!

The two options

How you wear your aligners depends on which option you choose: the full-time or night-time plan. The first involves at least 22 hours of continuous wear and five minutes of HyperByte per day. Each set of trays will last you a week.

The nighttime option only requires you to wear each set of aligners for ten hours a day, two weeks at a time. The HyperByte, on the other hand, should be in use for at least ten minutes. This treatment lasts on average 4-6 months.

The HyperByte

This is byte’s own technology. Some reviews even claim that they chose this home teeth straightening brand because of it. This device does three things:

  • cuts treatment time in half,
  • reduces discomfort, and
  • helps aligners fit more snuggly.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. High-frequency vibration permeates your gums and aids your teeth’s movement from the root. The device is rechargeable and has an automatic shut-off at five minutes. Each charge lasts about a week of 5-minutes-a-day use.

Similar gadgets have been around for over a decade, and even now orthodontists sell them for upwards of $800. No other at-home aligner technology offers such tools and byte provides it at no additional cost!

What is it like to wear aligners?

If you’ve ever had braces (or heard of them), you are probably expecting a lot of pain. But don’t panic, it’s not so bad. Only the first few days of each set are sure to bring some discomfort. As mentioned above, the HyperByte does a great job toning that down. What’s more, it is advised that you start at night to sleep through most of the soreness.

If an aligner becomes loose before the end of its due date, you should still continue wearing it according to the treatment plan. It is detailed and takes into account a lot of variables. Moving onto the next step without consulting a professional could bring serious damage.

Dispelling your concerns

Losing your aligner is not a huge deal. It can happen to anyone. In the case of such an event, wear the previous one and order a replacement. It will cost $99 and you can do that by contacting the byte team.

What if you get sick? If you are not severely ill or actively vomiting it’s okay to keep wearing the aligners. You should only take them out to eat or drink anything other than water.

Cleaning them is not difficult, either. Just rinse trays in cool water and use a toothbrush to scrape away dirtiness before you put them in. Don’t use toothpaste. BrightByte helps to keep the aligners hygienic and any chemicals, like denture cleaner, could damage them.

What if I feel like something has gone wrong?

It does happen occasionally, that teeth aren’t acting the way specialists expect them to. The mouth is an organ system, and it can behave unpredictably. Experts at byte know this, and so they are prepared for such a situation.

Updates to treatment plans are not uncommon. Often this includes extra sets of aligners or a new starting point. That’s why it’s important to keep going back to your original plan online. If your teeth are not where they should be, contact the team immediately.

Byte has a 100% US-based customer support service that gets mostly positive reviews. If refinement is needed, they are more than happy to help at no additional cost.

Retain your new smile

The thing with working on tooth alignment is that the results are not permanent. That is, if you don’t take care of them. Braces, as well as all other home teeth straightening methods, require patients to wear retainers afterward, indefinitely.

At byte, you receive the first set of retainers for free. You wear them as you did your aligners for the first two weeks. After that, they become your sleeping accessory. Each additional set of retainers costs $99 and you need new ones every six months.

byte treatment cost

Everyone that is approved for treatment is offered the same payment options. The price is not dependent on the issues in your mouth, and byte often offers discounts and promotions. Right now you can get $100 off your aligner package.

Here is a general overview of the costs involved:

What you’re paying forAmount
Impression kit$95
One-time payment plan$1,895
BytePay installment plan$83 for 25 months and $249 down payment
Retainers$99 (your first set is free)

If you are set on an installment plan there are also third-party alternatives such as Affirm and Splitit. However, those plans are individualized and come with interest. BytePay, on the other hand, is interest-free, guarantees 100% approval, and monthly fees can be accepted early.

HSA, FSA, and CareCredit accounts are honored. When it comes to insurance, direct payment from providers is not accepted. If your policy covers orthodontia, however, the byte team can get you the paperwork you need to file a claim.

A byte advisor can help out with payment options when you are checking out with your aligner plan, too. Discounts are available for military veterans, students, and first responders. Contact info is available on the byte FAQ page.

byte reviews

Erin G, April 3, 2020
I thought the entire experience would be a lot harder and painful, so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy everything was.

First off I’ll start by saying that a couple years prior to signing up for Byte, I attempted to get aligners through Smile Direct Club, but they told me I was not a candidate.

It probably was a good 7-8 months since I had last seen a dentist.

There was no pain unless the aligner did not fit properly which did happen a couple times. In such situations, I contacted customer support and they eradicated the issue immediately by sending me a new aligner.

Their customer service is top-notch! Whether I had to call in or send an email, they were very prompt in responding and super friendly.

Xenia-Amirah, February 20, 2020
I had to do impressions on my own. The kit comes with detailed directions, a website link that has a video of the process and you can also schedule to do your impressions with a byte representative. That is all extremely helpful!

I would rate the pain at a 4/10 only because it’s just slightly uncomfortable at first and then you feel nothing. I have had ClearCorrect before and that pain was an 8 or 9. So far I am having a great experience.

I have one more aligner for my top teeth and a few more for the bottom, but my gap is already closed. The HyperByte helps speed up the process.

Customer service was been impeccable. They send me emails every two weeks to check on me. I have spoken to them through email, I get occasional texts from them asking if I have any questions, and my aligners arrived about two weeks earlier than they said they were coming. It’s been said that it takes 4-6 weeks but I received mine in less than two weeks.

My impression kit had a lot of reading material and it was pretty clear. You have two tries to get it right in the box. I don’t think that they could add anything extra.

I have to say that I was nervous about the at-home process but I was excited at the thought of not having to go to the dentist as I did so with ClearCorrect, and it was not convenient at all.

My dentists also threw out my aligners. In my case, I can breeze through my treatment on my own without feeling alone as the customer service reps and dentists at byte consistently contact me and answer as soon as I contact them.

Dixie Alexander, February 13, 2020
The treatment has been super simple.

I took the quiz online to see if I was a candidate and then I ordered my impression kit and it came in the mail. It had all kinds of cool things in it like the smile stretcher for taking pictures and of course the putty and the trays. I sent back my impressions and got my aligners within a few weeks.

The pain has not been bad at all. I would say there’s a little bit tight after you change them out for the next set, but once you use the HyperByte; it’s pretty much gone.

The only problem I’ve had with them is that I can’t just snack anywhere or at any time; I have to take my aligners out first, which sometimes isn’t worth the hassle. But then again, maybe that’s a good thing.

It’s super easy to get in contact with customer support, I just DM them on Instagram if I need anything and they’re good about checking up on you. I think that they thought of everything with the kit and I believe that I used everything!

May B, April 20, 2020
The entire process was so unbelievably easy and painless, I literally tell everybody about byte who cares to listen.

I had about four consultations before deciding on byte and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I did my impressions twice.

The pain level was almost non-existent. Only the first tray caused discomfort, but that was to be expected since the trays were custom fit for my teeth. Since then, no pain.

The customer service from every department I’ve contacted was more than helpful. Dare I say a pleasure to interact with, even.

Each series of photos presented above show the same people on before and after images. Patients agreed for publication. Photos have not been retouched. Note that such kind of results was observed for those specific persons. Each treatment is designed for individual patient, so your final results may look different.

For more reviews of byte check out their social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

byte vs. SmileDirectClub

The home straightening brand that people seem to compare to byte most often is SmileDirectClub. While the treatments cost the same with both companies, there are actually many differences between them.

The most obvious one is that SmileDirectClub gives their patients the option to come in for a consultation and scan. What’s more, SDC is making its way into dental offices, much like Invisalign. Byte, on the other hand, don’t maintain outposts and the whole process takes place remotely.

The companies can also be compared in terms of treatment time. SDC reports an average of six months, whereas most byte journeys last about three. The HyperByte, an exclusive technology that only their brand offers, makes this possible.

Another innovation by byte is the Smile Science, in which they adjust the treatment to the features on the patient’s face. SmileDirectClub has a more traditional approach, striving to make each smile straight and symmetrical.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that byte provides lifetime warranty. If your teeth move out of alignment during or after treatment, they will help you fix it at no additional cost. SDC requires the patients to contact the team within 30 days if they are unsatisfied.


  • Fully remote process
  • 3-month average treatment time
  • HyperByte and Smile Science
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Smile Studios are available to patients
  • 6-month average treatment time
  • Club warranty

There are also other clear aligners options (like Candid and SnapCorrect) available. Whichever at-home teeth straightening kit you choose, do your research and weigh your pros and cons. And definitely make sure to visit your regular dentist to consult your treatment.


How long does it take to receive byte aligners?

You will receive your aligners in the mail about four weeks after you approve the treatment plan.

Is byte better than SmileDirect?

One patient may prefer byte, another might prefer SmileDirect. They both have their advantages.

byte’s biggest plus is their HyperByte technology and the short treatment time. The average plan lasts 3 months. If you want your new smile to be ready in just a few months for an event or so, your best bet is to go with the brand that will give you the fastest results

SmileDirectClub, on the other hand, provides the patients with an opportunity to visit a SmileShop for a free scan as well as 90-day check-ins. They quote an average of 6 months per treatment.

Does byte accept insurance?

Direct coverage is not possible, but if your insurance covers orthodontia, you can file a claim to be reimbursed. byte can help put the paperwork together.

Can I use HSA/FSA to pay for byte?

Yes. You can use the debit card you received or write out a check.

How long does byte take to work?

byte reports that the average treatment takes 3 months.

This is thanks to the exclusive HyperByte technology. It makes sure the treatment time with byte is the quickest among its competitors. The HyperByte is a device that patients put inside their mouths while the aligners are in place. High-frequency vibrations help shift teeth into new positions.

Orthodontists sell similar devices, but they can be more expensive than the entire byte treatment.

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