How to get affordable dental implants? 10 ways to overcome the issue of a low budget

Many patients seek to restore their missing teeth. Dental implants are quoted to be the most durable method to do so. At the same time, they belong to the priciest procedures performed by dentists. Is it possible to get them affordably?

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We’ve spent many hours researching this subject. The guide below will give you the best solutions on how you can reduce the cost of your new smile.

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Search for a budget-friendly dentist

It is possible to reach a great specialist who can do your implants at a reasonable price. Going with an expert also saves you the cost of fixing complications. Those may arise if you don’t do a thorough background check. More experience equals more success.

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of offers, or if you simply want to save time, we are here to help. Authority Dental has a huge database of the most affordable dental implant dentists. We can easily set up an appointment with a budget-friendly dentist near you.

We take into account your insurance and preferred form of payment. If you can’t pay in cash we will help you with financing. That can help you optimize costs even further. Our service is 100% free. Call us anytime, we’re available 24/7. Click here to get started.

Join a savings plan

Dental discount plans are a convenient alternative or addition to insurance policies. You can use them alongside your coverage when your yearly limit is reached. This, however, is at the discretion of the dentist performing the job.

Plans help save on all dental costs, including dental implants. There are no conditions for coverage. It doesn’t matter what your reason for getting implants is, whether medical or purely cosmetic.

So how do dental plans work? Participating patients pay a monthly or yearly fee. There are over 100,000 dentists enrolled, you just have to find one in your area. Then you get to enjoy reductions of 10%-60% on anything you need or want done in your mouth. Click here to see how much you can save.

The plan is active as soon as you sign up. There are no waiting periods. No yearly caps will slow you down either. You can have all the work done in one year and all bills will be discounted.

Use your insurance

Insurance is the most well-known way to reduce healthcare costs. Some policies offer even more preferential rates when you have dental work done at affiliating offices.

Still, many providers don’t include implants at all. With others, you have to prove they are medically necessary. A dentist can issue such a statement and you will have to contact your provider yourself. If your tooth was missing before the policy was active, you might not receive coverage.

What’s more, there is likely going to be a waiting period before your treatment can start. Annual caps most often top off at around $1,500. This means the implant process might have to be stretched out over several years.

Being insured, your best bet is to have the policy cover associated procedures such as extractions or X-rays. This can realistically lower the total cost of dental implants.

Travel abroad

You can travel to Central American countries such as Mexico for affordable dental implants. This can save you about half the cost of the surgery and associated procedures. Add the costs of the journey and accommodation to your implant budget.

Make sure to do your research as regards the practice and the chosen cheap dentist. Look at reviews and opinions online. Then, stay updated with treatment details. Get an abundance of information about your implants. This includes the brand, size, and location they are placed in your mouth.

Dental tourism makes the most sense in two situations. The first is when you’re getting same-day implants, as you won’t have to make multiple trips. You might also be able to arrange having the whole process done over several days.

The second group of patients that can benefit from this are those who live close to the border. Hotel and high travel costs can be avoided, making implants even more low-cost.

In case of post-op complications, be prepared for additional costs. You will have to return to the place where you had the procedure performed or pay higher fees in the US. Finding a specialist who will fix problems with implants done in another country may also be a challenge.

Check your local dental schools

Prices at dental schools can be 50% lower than in private practices. There is no extra risk involved, as skilled specialists monitor students’ every step. It will take a bit longer, however. The lack of experience and the need for grading often stretch the process out.

You should be prepared for a waiting list. What’s more, not all schools perform dental implantation. You can check it with the ADA search tool. Contact the office and ask for details.

Take part in clinical trials or specialist courses

Clinical trials are tests during which dentists practice new techniques and drugs. They are always looking for candidates that are willing to have such procedures done. It comes with a certain degree of risk, but the job is done by experienced practitioners. You can get cheap implants in return.

Specialist courses involve dentists who want to become experts in certain fields. They are trained professionals but may lack experience in implantation. You will be in good hands nonetheless and might receive treatment for a paltry sum.

Make use of tax deductions

Use your FSA funds to finance dental implants. This money is both tax-deductible and before taxes, so you can use those savings to lower your overall costs. Write a check or pay with a debit card directly to your dentist.

The important thing is to use the money you transfer to that account before the end of the year. Unlike your HSA, FSA does not guarantee rollover. So if you don’t spend those savings, you forfeit them.

You get to keep your HSA funds at the end of the year, but in order to have this account you must have a high deductible savings plan. You can ask your employer or a HR department for details.

Get an implant-supported set of teeth

Methods like the All-On-4 allow patients to have 2 or 4 implants done only, while restoring an entire arch. Depending on the condition of your mouth, this solution could be a great alternative to getting multiple implants.

Dr. Richard Hattaway

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to remove teeth that could otherwise be saved with alternative treatment options. The amount of time and money invested does not play out to have the longest predictable prognosis, however.

The dentist positions rods in such a way, that they will be able to hold all of the teeth on the top or bottom. The prosthesis may need to be replaced, but this is still a durable solution lasting 10-15 years. And you pay for a smaller amount of implants, making the dental work more affordable.

Hunt for discounts

There are many platforms that offer services, dental and otherwise, at special discounts. The most popular is Groupon. You can try looking there for affordable dental implants.

Some offices have discounts that you can take advantage of if you:

  • pay upfront,
  • require multiple implants, or
  • if you recommend another patient.

Shop around and sift through opportunities in your area. The Internet is a great resource, but sometimes simply calling and asking can be more fruitful.

Always be mindful of the brand of the implant that is being placed. There are companies that offer implants at reduced prices, but they discontinue their service for the implant after a short period of time.

Minimize the costs of associated procedures

Getting dental implants comes with more than just the actual surgery. There are several procedures you will have to do in addition, such as a dental consultation or extractions. Below you can read about some ways to reduce those costs.

Dedicated clinics

At your local community centre you may be able to find cheaper or even free dental work. Use this search engine to find out what the centre in your area is offering and how much it might cost. Choose your state and reach out by phone or email.

Some locations might be picky about who they cater to. They might only perform procedures on the elderly or veterans and others might limit themselves to those with a low income.

Several tribal clinics offer implants at a reduced price to Native American patients. You may even be able to get financial help from their tribe to cover costs. You can explore this directory or manually look by state.


Medicaid is a federal and state program that helps the underpaid in paying for medical expenses. The way it works is different in every state. Most commonly, younger people receive more coverage with lower copays than adults.

The state has to approve that implants are medically necessary before any financing can take place. Either way, Medicaid certainly won’t cover the cost. Most often it is recommended that those who cannot afford implants are to be reimbursed for dentures instead


Medicare is a national medical insurance program. It is meant for those who are over 65 or who suffer from certain diseases or disabilities. There are a few programs but not all include dental care.

You might get coverage for some additional procedures at Medicare-approved private facilities, but such plans come with high premiums. Check the fine print or contact a Medicare representative to see whether you qualify for such financing.

If you have Medicare or Medicaid, are over 55, and require a nursing home-level of care, you might be eligible for Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). You must also live in the service area of one of their locations. A team of specialists will make arrangements for you to get implants more affordably.

Dental implant grants

Federal and government grants for dental implants are usually funded by the state. They are generally not meant for individuals. The direct proceeds go to universities, state agencies, and non-profit organizations.

If you find any implant grant marked as for individuals, be careful to avoid fraud. You can contact us and we will help you verify its legitimacy.

According to our research the following dental grant programs are likely a scam:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Grants
  • Harris Dental Grants
  • Dental Grants of Texas
  • Dental Grants of Canada

We do not recommend any of these. We have attempted to contact these organizations many times. Any information requests were ignored. What’s more, none of our dental reviewers has heard about any of these.

On the basis of our research, we have the grounds to assume that the main goal of these programs is gathering personal data of potential patients. They possibly then pass on information to private offices that target their marketing strategy accordingly.

An array of negative reviews suggests that the proposed prices for implant treatment are inflated. The grant is then used to “pay” for the inflation, making the procedure just as expensive as it would be without their help. The positive comments from their websites are a requirement necessary to receive the grant.


Is it possible to get dental implants under $500?

You have to be extremely lucky to get even a single dental implant at this price. The best option is to try dental tourism, local dental schools, or clinical trials. Methods such as using retirement funds, dental plans, or insurance are not likely to lower the price this much.

What is the most affordable price for dental implants?

According to our research, the cheapest dental implants in the US start at $3,500. You still have to take into account the associated costs such as X-rays and possibly bone grafting.

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What are cheaper alternatives to dental implants?

There are many alternatives, depending on what your reason for wanting a new smile is.

Unless your tooth is not stable in its socket, you might get away with a crown. It can be attached to your root. Crowns are very durable, long-lasting, and often give very natural-looking results.

Dental bridges can likewise be an affordable solution for missing dentition. It is mounted to one of the neighboring teeth, filling the gap. They are usually used for multiple teeth.

And lastly, if your teeth are simply crooked or misaligned, you may want to look at braces. Those are not cheap, but straightening your teeth will be a lot more affordable than replacing an entire arch with implants.

Which country is the cheapest for dental implants?

Many Central and South American as well as several Eastern European countries offer implants at rates 50-75% lower than in the USA. In particular, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Hungary, Turkey, and Poland are known for affordable dental implant procedures.

America is the most expensive country when it comes to this procedure.

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