Dental Care for Kids

Dental Care for Kids

Give your children the best start in life by informing them of the best dental care for kids and keep their teeth healthy. Good dental care starts even before we have teeth, as babies our gums are just as important and with the knowledge that is available today we now have a good idea about giving our children the best start in life in the way of their teeth.

It is now commonly known that giving babies and young children sugary drinks in a bottle can cause tooth decay even if they only have a few teeth, the only drink given in a bottle should be water or formula milk and sugary drinks should be avoided at all times with a baby especially at night when the sugar will stick to the teeth and gums.

Once the teeth have grown it is important at an early age that we stress to young children just how vitally important looking after their teeth with the correct dental care is, even with their first set of teeth it is important because if they have tooth decay in their baby teeth then this can also lead to problems with their adult teeth that are already forming just below the gums.

What should not be given to Young Children and Babies?

Any sugary snacks but especially lollipops and boiled sweets that are normally kept in the mouth for a long time, sucking on lollipops is particularly bad as they really are all sugar.

Drinks that are high in sugar and although you may not want to refrain altogether from treating your children occasionally it is important that the amount of sugary foods if needed to be given is kept to a minimum and the child’s teeth are cleaned once the snack has been eaten, this will help prevent a build up of plaque and will also teach your child how important it is to clean their teeth after having a lot of sugar.

Fruit is much better if given instead of a sugary snack and will help your child develop a healthy diet, something which they will greatly benefit from later in life.

It is also important that even from a very young age you take your child to have check-ups every six months by a dentist, even young babies as although it is not really necessary, it will help them become used to the dentist and they will realise that it is not something that should be a bad experience but that it should be something that is a positive experience. The dentist will always answer any questions you may have on how to help your baby grow healthy teeth.

All of this will give your child’s teeth the best start and if they are in the habit of looking after their teeth then hopefully their teeth will stay with them right through old age and they will never endure the pain that comes with toothache or the uncomfortable feeling of having to have their teeth filled all the time or even extracted before they are in their senior years, if nothing else then this is something that your child will one day be extremely grateful to you for.

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