Dental Health Care

dental health care

Your Dentist is a really good source of dental health care information if you wanted to find out advice on good dental care and you should never be afraid to ask because a good dentist will always take the time to offer advice to you on the care of your teeth and gums.

Apart from brushing our teeth regularly one of the major dangers to our teeth is the food that we eat and the drinks that we drink. If we drink lots of sugary drinks and eat lots of sugary food then we are putting our teeth in danger even with the regular brushing there is a chance that some of the sugar will stick to our teeth.

It is often said that what tastes good is usually bad for you and this is so right with sweets and chocolate treats, especially boiled sweets or chewy sweets that are kept in the mouth for prolonged amounts of time as this is ample time for the sugar to thoroughly coat our teeth.

Too much sugar if not removed from our teeth will harden and turn into plaque, this then attacks the protective enamel that we have as protection on our teeth and if you think of plaque as bacteria then who in their right mind would want a mouth full of bacteria? Remembering this will make sure that you thoroughly clean your teeth regularly.

Brushing is also very good for stimulating your gums which will go some way to preventing gum disease. It is also important to choose your toothpaste wisely, one containing lots of fluoride is most beneficial to the prevention of tooth decay.

There are many different toothpastes to choose from and depending on what the problem is will determine which toothpaste will your teeth benefit the most from. For example, if you have sensitive teeth whereby you feel tingling when your teeth are in contact with hot or cold food or drink and your dentist cannot detect any problems with your teeth such as cavities then you may want to choose a toothpaste that is specially designed for sensitive teeth and you will notice that with regular brushing with this toothpaste your teeth will not be as sensitive to hot or cold fluids.

There is even a smoker’s toothpaste that has an abrasive agent that will help remove the tartar caused by smoking and will also help in some way to stopping the teeth from becoming too discoloured although the sensible thing would be to give up smoking altogether.

Some toothpastes claim to have whitening agents in although you do have to be careful as some bleaching agents used in these toothpastes can actually damage your gums and teeth, so really if you are worried about your teeth not looking as white as you would like it is advisable to speak with your dentist first before trying over the counter whiteners as your dentist may recommend a certain treatment more appropriate for you or may even recommend a good toothpaste with the right amount of bleaching in that will not hurt your gums.

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