Dental Health The Facts

Dental Health The Facts

Today you will discover the true dental Health The Facts”. There was a time when people had a lot of misconception about dental health.

In recent times, dentistry has reached new heights and doctors have cleared a number of myths about dental care and treatment by presenting scientific facts.

Common Myths On Dental Health And The Facts

Let us explore some of the common myths and their facts on dental health.

Myth #1: Using a toothbrush everyday damages the enamel.

Fact: This is untrue because unless you clean with a brush, the food particles on the teeth and gum will remain, which would lead to tremendous tooth decay. Enamel is one of the hardest substances that cannot be damaged easily.

Myth #2: Extraction of upper teeth affects the eyesight.

Fact: Earlier, tooth extraction was quite painful. So, after extraction the pain used to spread out towards the cheek bones and eyes. And middle-aged and old aged people – who already start having weak eyesight because of their age – had the fear of losing their vision. In reality, there is no correlation.

Myth #3: Dental treatment is not necessary during pregnancy.

Fact: There is no truth to the above statement, although even today many people ignore dental health when they become pregnant. Routine dental checkup is a must during pregnancy. However tooth x-rays should be avoided during the first trimester.

Myth #4: Oral treatment is extremely painful and scary.

Fact: Not in recent times, thanks to the advancement of dental science and research. In fact, modern dental procedure can put the patient at ease. All dental treatment is done through local anesthesia1, which makes it completely painless.

Myth #5: You should not extract the wisdom tooth.

Fact: The wisdom tooth that is the last molar tooth is associated with maturity and wisdom. So people believe they have a special importance! Normally, if they are not bothersome, you need not extract them. However, if they become a cause of pain, it is best to get them removed.

Myth #6: Teeth start shedding off with age

Fact: It is not true that teeth falls off with age. Unfortunately, most people shed their teeth as they grow old. This happens because they do not take proper dental care and refrain from visiting the dentist. Acting as per the dentist’s advice makes your teeth healthy even at the old age.

Myth #7: Dental care of milk teeth is not needed because they eventually get replaced by permanent teeth

Fact: This is not right at all as children are more susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease. If the milk tooth is not taken care of, it affects the gum and causes decay and early tooth loss. This in turn causes a lot of problem when the permanent teeth come up.

Myth #8: When the gum bleeds, do not brush your teeth

Fact: Bleeding of gum denotes infected and unhealthy gum. This often happens due to the accumulation of food particles in and around the teeth. Until you remove it with a soft brush, it will continue to be affected. For proper brushing and dental care, you should visit the dentist.

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