Diet And Dental Health

Diet and dental health

Teeth are one of the most appealing and powerful elements in the human body.

They not only add to the beauty of the face, but also help in the chewing process – that breaks the food into small particles and supports digestion.

Brushing and cleaning your teeth is one of the most important ways of taking care of your diet and dental health.

In addition to this, including the right foods items in your diet and establishing good nutritional habits1 is equally important for maintaining a good oral hygiene. Wrong food habits such as eating food during odd hours and a penchant for sweets often lead to poor dental health.

Selecting a healthy and balanced diet

Food rich in calcium and phosphorus – As calcium and phosphorous are the key elements of teeth, the diet should include these minerals to ensure sustainability and good dental health. It is therefore essential to have a proper balanced diet consisting of cereals, fruits, yogurt, green vegetable, pulses and legumes, fish, meat products and green salads.

Roughage – Raw food or roughage such as fruits and salads should also be an important part of diet because they strengthen the gums and prevents the tooth from decaying. Food containing high level of chlorophyll such as radish, turnip and beet also helps in preventing decay and damage of teeth.

Plenty of water – Water cleanses the body processes and that also include the gum and teeth. It washes out the accumulation of food particles in between the teeth and prevents from decay. By mixing peppermint with water, you can use it as a revitalizing mouthwash.

Some home remedies – By including sesame seeds and millet in the diet, you can keep your teeth healthy as these are enriched in calcium. Garlic and cloves are also very good for keeping the teeth and gum healthy.

What not to include in the diet

There are certain food items that affect healthy teeth and gum and leads to dental decay. Excess sugar in the diet often results in poor dental health and it is essential to cut down on these food items in the diet. Sweets and sugar in tea/coffee as well as sweet dishes need to be cut down as much as possible.

Not only sugar in its pure form is harmful, but food items having a high content of sugar should be avoided as much as possible.

These include soft drinks like colas and lemonade, confectionary items like cakes, pies and pastries, jam and marmalades on breads, chocolates and sweets and candies among others. Small sugary snacks like wafers and candies also lead to major decay of tooth.

Acidic food items such as carbonated water, lemon juice, grape juice and vinegar should be avoided as much as possible, because the acid formed inside the mouth affects the teeth and gum adversely, leading to decay in enamel and in turn dental problems. It is also important to avoid cough lozenges and syrups.


If you maintain a balanced diet with a little caution on the total sugar intake, it would not be difficult to have shiny and healthy teeth.

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