How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Fear of the Dentist

Every time we think that we do not have time to brush our teeth properly or floss our gums we would do well to remember what it is like to have to sit in the dentist’s chair for a check –up and hear the dreaded words “you need a filling” because you just know then that you will have to endure the uncomfortable feeling of having a needle injected in to your gum and a short wait while one side of your mouth becomes totally numb so that you will find it hard to speak. So how to overcome fear(1) of the dentist is a real concern for a lot of people.

Then there is the dreaded noise of the drill and lots of tugging and cleaning and pressing before a good 20 minutes later you emerge grateful that it is over but still with a numb mouth that even if you were dribbling you would know nothing about and always vowing to look after your teeth better so that you never have to go through that process again.

Yet how many of us have said that only to find a year down the line we are having yet another filling? Or worse a tooth extracted? Yet for the sake of a few short minutes each day of brushing and flossing all that unpleasantness could so easily be avoided.

Of course it is not just a case of brushing and flossing, it is also a case of not overdoing the sugar intake in our foods by choosing foods that are not high in sugar we can reduce the risk of tooth decay and hopefully have the nice feeling of when visiting the dentist for a check-up, hearing the words “all clear” knowing that it will be another six months before you are back in the chair again.

So next time you think you are pushed for time and not able to do your teeth properly, remember that you only have so many teeth that can be filled before they start to weaken and become easily chipped and then have to be extracted because they do not grow again, once your adult teeth are gone they are gone for good.

Now with advanced knowledge and treatments there are always ways of preventing tooth decay and this can start with young children whereby they can have a treatment consisting of their teeth having a coating of fluoride put on to and although uncomfortable whilst they are having it done it is a painless procedure and one that only lasts for a few minutes but the benefit of having this procedure can last for years.

Your kids first dentistry make sure that your children attend the dentist regularly to ensure they have the best preventative treatments available and also so they can become accustomed to visiting the dentist and, if you treat the visit as a positive experience then you will find that you child will never have a fear of the dentists as they grow older, also because of the advanced tools that the dentist now has, any treatments are a lot less traumatic then they were some years ago.

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