How Invisalign Works [The Treatment Process]


Are You Ready To Straighten Your Teeth with the help of Invisalign you can…

For a more natural smile give up the metallic option and try Invisalign instead. Invisalign is a revolutionary way of aligning teeth by using clear plastic parts instead of metal wires and brackets.

This has become very popular these days with lots of grown up people interested in setting right crooked teeth.

This article will help you with enough information about Invisalign so that you can decide if it is good for you.

Invisalign Technology

How Invisalign Works the introduction of Invisalign by Align Technology in 1999 orthodontics was never the same again. This process is unique because it moves teeth into proper place by using a series of plastic appliances. The appliances are created of clear plastic, making them more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces as well as more comfortable.

The fact that they are removable, allows the patients the liberty of removing them before eating and for cleaning their teeth.

Because of this, dental hygiene is maintained right through the period of treatment.

The Invisalign procedure requires that 3D images are created using computer simulation for representing the current positions of the teeth as well as their desired positions. The entire procedure requires the use of about 20 to 30 appliances to be used in stages to modify the teeth in line with the computer images created earlier.

The short video below gives you a good overview of Invisalign Process!

Each appliance needs about two weeks before it can be replaced by the next one in the prescribed order. When the patients get their teeth inspected for development in every four to six weeks then based on that only the next set of appliances is given out to them.

Invisalign vs Braces

Most adults complete their Invisalign treatments in one year or less. Invisalign therapy nevertheless may take different precise time for different people Movement associated with individual equipment may be minute in a relative sense, but when combined together, the results are great. The outcome for maximum number of adults who used Invisalign process is very satisfactory.

Invisalign braces are much more artistic and clean for using when seen in comparison with the regular metal brackets.

Removal from mouth during brushing teeth and eating is possible for Invisalign equipment.

It is a very big plus point over the metal equipment in which food remnants keep getting stuck and brushing teeth is also a major task. 20 hours is the minimum time duration in a day for which the Invisalign equipments need to be worn to attain the wanted outcome and they should only be removed when absolutely necessary.

Invisalign Treatments

If your teeth are congested or are very far from each other, you can expect great help from Invisalign. Problems such as overjet or overbite or even a crossbite can be treated through them. Invisalign at times are used when there is a decline seen after the regular orthodontic treatments have been done.

When the appliances are improved, it means that they can be then used for a bigger variety of cases as they have been made able to get extrusion as well as rotations.

They are more appealing for the teens because of their almost invisible appearance which does not make the mouth look so full of metal in that unstable age. Invisalign has one creation especially for teens who want to use it and they will be glad to find about this creation.

Invisalign Teen is very efficient in provide the power required to manage various teen orthodontic problems and it also gives aesthetic benefits. The orthodontist gets to know when these appliances need to be changed through the wear indicators that are present in them.


If you think the best orthodontic treatment for you will be Invisalign, then you must search for an expert in that field who will carry your treatment properly. Both dentists and orthodontists may be authorized to work with the Invisalign appliances.

Your doctor is an expert and has some official recognition in Invisalign and has done the same treatment for some patients earlier also. It is possible to get a smooth smile through Invisalign and without using the regular orthodontic treatments.

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