How To keep Your Breath Smelling Good All Day

How To keep Your Breath Smelling Good All Day

Ever been in the situation whereby you are about to kiss the love of your life, when suddenly you have a panic attack because you are convinced your breath smells bad? Well for the future there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you avoid these panic attacks and keep your breath smelling fresh all day. In the following article we hope to show. How to keep your breath smelling good all the time.

Tips for Fresh Smelling Breath.

How do you make your breath smell good all day. For starters always clean your teeth for at least 2 to 3 minutes twice per day, making sure that you thoroughly scrub every inch of your teeth and also brush gently on your gums. Another important factor to remember is to brush your tongue as bacteria builds up on your tongue and can be a major cause for bad breath.

Another major way to prevent bad breath is to really make sure that there is no food stuck in those out of the way places that a toothbrush just cannot reach such as between your teeth and this is where dental floss comes in very handy, it is wise to floss your teeth twice a day or even after every mean if it is possible that way you can ensure that no food is left in your mouth that may create an odour.

Brush your tongue as bacteria builds up on your tongue

Obviously your diet will have a big impact on how to keep your breath smelling good all day. It is a well known fact that eating garlic is not the best idea if you are meeting and speaking to people especially the next day when the odour will be really strong, although garlic is very good for you, perhaps you can eat it when you know you are not coming into close proximity to people. Another good idea is that you and your partner eat garlic at the same time because then neither of you will be able to smell the odour.

Using a mouth wash will help freshen your breath and also you can purchase breath freshening mints as well as spray and providing there is no underlying health reason for any bad breath then these will work as a short fix. Obviously if you are looking after your teeth well and you still have bad breath no matter what you eat then you really need to take a trip to the dentist or doctors to be checked up in case there is a health issue that is causing your bad breath.

Regular six month check-ups with your dentist will ensure that any problems are picked up on straight away and if there is any cause for concern then your dentist can talk to you about it, they can see if there is a certain area where plaque seems to be building up and can give you some tips on ensuring you thoroughly clean that area to prevent the build up becoming a serious problem.

You may find if you have sinus problems or have been under the weather with a cold or cough that your breath will not smell too fresh but once the cold has cleared up and the sinuses are sorted then you should be able to experience fresh smelling breath once again. These are just some ways “how to keep your breath smelling good all day“.

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