Looking After Your Teeth

Looking After Your Teeth

It is very important to learn basic dental care from an early age that way you are in the habit of looking after your teeth and doing all you can to maintain healthy teeth and healthy gums. As children we don’t realise just how important our teeth and gums really are and to eat sugary snacks all the time are viewed as good things and not things that should be avoided because of the effect it can have on our teeth.

Making A Habit Of Looking After Your Teeth

One of the most essential ways of ensuring our teeth stay healthy and white is by regular brushing and brushing well, all too often with rushing in the morning the brushing of teeth can be a rushed activity and one that all too often is not completed thoroughly.

Yet just spending a vital five minutes ensuring that our teeth are brushed everywhere, especially in the tough to reach areas can mean the difference from healthy gums and teeth to a lifetime of pain and anguish.

Not many people like visiting the dentist and yet a check up every six months is vital to ensure that we are maintaining the correct dental care and avoiding any problems that may arise. Your dentist will let you know if there are any areas he feels that you are not cleaning well enough and he can give you a polish as well.

As well as brushing our teeth twice per day, it is also advisable to floss between your teeth twice a day as well as this is where food can become stuck and not easily removed with your toothbrush, once you have flossed and brushed then making use of a good mouthwash will also help your gums stay healthy.

Points to Remember in Dental Care.

  • · Brushing your teeth at least twice a day
  • · Flossing your teeth twice a day
  • · Rinsing with a good mouthwash
  • · Regular six monthly check-up with your dentist.

As well carrying out the above religiously, there are some other things you can do to help prevent tooth decay and that is eating a healthy balanced diet(1) without the use of too much sugary foods as sugary foods really are a sure way to rotting your teeth and if you feel you need to have some sugary foods then ensure that you thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards.

If sugar is left on the teeth it can build up, harden into tartar which can then eat away at the enamel that we have to protect our teeth and if left untreated, then it eventually breaks down the enamel and causes holes to form in our teeth. This is when we may start to experience pain or toothache as it is commonly known and as well as causing holes in our teeth.

The bacteria and food that can get into the holes will start to give off an odour which can cause the awful embarrassment of having bad breath, which is something that no-one would ever want to have.

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