Loose Tooth Treatment

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Tooth loss, no matter at what stage in life it happens, is not an experience we cherish. For most of us, there are a number of factors that cause tooth loss. These may include decay of tooth in old age, neglect, an injury or some serious diseases, such as periodontitis. It is always important to treat the missing tooth just like repairing or treating any other part of our body.

How To Treat Loose Teeth

Consequences of tooth loss. Replacing a missing tooth is essential and if neglected, it may lead to more serious type of problem of the gum and the jaw. However, not many are aware of the consequences of tooth loss if it is ignored. Let us discuss the various consequences of loose tooth treatment if not treated and cared properly.

  • The loss of a tooth can bring about a structural change in the jaw line if left untreated for a while. This is because the tooth loss weakens the bones of the jaw.
  • Loss of a single tooth may affect the positioning of other teeth, causing them to shift. This also changes the contour of the face, making the person look ugly
  •  Chewing and munching becomes a problem, especially in case of certain type of food such as fruits, vegetables, meat and corn etc. missing out on the staple food often leads to other physical disorders.
  •  with so many problems and an unappealing look, a person often develops low self-esteem.

Dentistry Loose Tooth

Dental implant – the best remedy. There are a number of ways to treat the loss of tooth. One of the most effective ways of treating a tooth loss is by opting for dental implant. it can be seen as an alternative way to replace the missing tooth. In this technique, the dentist uses an artificial tooth root. These can be fixed permanently or can be removed. However, when fixed they look exactly like the natural teeth. Dental implant can be done when there is a single tooth loss and also when there is more than one tooth that needs to be removed.

Why go for dental implant

Dental implant is the most widespread and popular form of treatment for replacing the loss of tooth even today. Here are a few reasons.

  • Medical research has revealed that this is most powerful form of treatment as far as teeth replacement is concerned. According to estimates, until now, it has been a success in nearly 99 percent cases.
  • There is minimum loss of bone in this surgical technique. This is a primary reason for its high popularity over other forms of dental treatment for replacing missing tooth.
  •  it has been tested that dental implant is the most accurate and also the safest technique in dental science that can be carried out to replace a missing tooth. when done by a proficient and experienced dentist, in most cases it has produced accurate and positive results.

So, if you are planning on doing a dental implant it would be advisable to search out an experienced dentist to avoid any possibility of the implant going wrong.

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