Do you Need To Replace Chipped Teeth

Replace Chipped Teeth

Do you Need To Replace Chipped Teeth?

Parents are notorious for reminding their children that they only have one pair of eyes and one set of adult teeth.

Hence the reasons we are told to eat our carrots and brush our teeth each and every day.

It’s true that all of us only have one set of teeth, but with the wonders of modern dentistry anything that goes awry can quickly and painlessly be fixed.

Do you Suffer with Chipped Teeth

Whether it’s a loosened molar due to gum disease, the loss of a few teeth because of a facial injury or chipped teeth, a skillful dentist can make that smile look even better than it originally did.

Teeth become damaged for different reasons. It may be because of a fall, after being hit in the face with a ball or even eating something hard. All of these things can cause chipped teeth. Not only does this become an aesthetic concern but it also can pose serious dental health problems if the teeth are fixed quickly and properly.

The best course of action after you realized you’ve indeed suffered a split or chipped tooth is to make an appointment with a dentist. If the chip is small it can wait until the next day, however if it extends towards the gum and a large piece of the tooth has been removed, it’s important to contact the dentist as soon as possible. Most cities have emergency dentists just for this reason.

Procedures for Repair Chipped Teeth

Procedures for performing the repair differ depending on which tooth is involved and the extent of the damage. For chipped teeth where only a small portion of the enamel has been affected the dentist may decide on bonding. This is a quick procedure and the results are amazing.

Some individuals are a bit fearful of the dentist and therefore don’t end up going until they are sporting a smile filled with chipped teeth. In this case the dentist is likely to suggest a more complex approach to fixing the problem. It may include the use of veneers. Although expensive this truly offers the most rewarding outcome as you’ll have the perfect smile.

Small children have a higher tendency of damaging their teeth during falls. It seems a regular occurrence for a little one to lose their footing when they are playing at the playground or running with friends. This same damage can happen during sports events as well. Even if children wear protective gear, they can still get chipped teeth.


If you have a child that still hasn’t grown their adult teeth, it is essential to ask the dentist on what to do to treat the chipped teeth problem. If the problem is just small, grinding the tooth down can be recommended since this will even out the tooth and allow it to fall off on its own. If it is a more serious chipped teeth problem concerning the root of the tooth or the gum line, then a more serious action is called for.

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