Tips To Take Care Of Your Teeth Without Dentist

Take Care Of Your Teeth

Today you will learn some Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Teeth and without going to the dentist!

Toothache can be extremely painful and as such each and every individual whether young or old should know how to take care of their teeth in order to avoid it.

However it is quite unfortunate that most people do not know how to do so.

They tend to think that the mere act of waking up in the morning and brushing their teeth using toothpaste is sufficient. While in the actual sense it is not.

Best Effective Teeth Care Tips

The other thing is that people subject their teeth into improper functions which are in contrary to what they are adapted for. For instance someone might use their teeth to open a bottle top instead of an opener! These are the practices that destroy teeth.

Owing to this it is important that you to learn how to take care your teeth in order for them to be strong and healthy.

Consider the following simple and effective teeth care tips;

Brush At Least Two Times a Day

Brushing your teeth enables you to get rid of unwanted food bacteria that cause bad breath as well as tooth decay. These bacteria normally get active when food content is introduced into the mouth.

So the best time to brush your teeth is after taking meals remember tiny food particles remain in the teeth after this.

Make sure you are using a toothbrush with small head and soft bristles for better access to your teeth. Soft bristles prevent your gums from getting injured during brushing.

Use Fluoridated Toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral(1)known to harden the enamel thereby reducing chances of cavity development. Teeth cavities are very dangerous as they can provide a good habitat to dangerous microorganism that cause tooth decay.

The moment your tooth develops a cavity harmful bacteria begin to eat across it gradually until they reach the sensory nerve.

The consequence of this is experiencing toothache which can be very unpleasant. So use fluoridated toothpaste to protect your teeth against this.

Use Your Teeth Appropriately

Your teeth may seem very strong while in actual sense they are not. This means they can easily break just as the way glass or any other thing does. Using your teeth to perform functions that are not meant for it can cause it to break. Some of the practices you should avoid include using them to open bottle tops, cut wires and so on.

Reduce Your Intake of Acidic Drinks

Food acids(2) can corrode or even eat the entire teeth right down to the gums thereby making them weak. This is a dangerous scenario as one can easily become toothless. So avoid taking too much acidic drinks such as soda, fruit juices, cordials and so on.

Go for Regular Check-ups

This article is about not going to the dentist but if you have regular check-ups it will save you going to the dentist for something more serious. Despite of all the above measures you still need to see your dentists regularly especially if you have common dental problems such as toothache and bleeding gums. Dentists are proficient and will always treat you.


NOTE: The above ‘Take Care Of Your Teeth’ measures are meant for everyone not necessarily adults alone as most people do assume. If you follow them correctly you will have your teeth for the longest period of time possible not even age will rob you of them.

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