Tooth Extraction Complications

Tooth Extraction Complications

There are several tooth extraction complications that are requiring ample precaution to avoid them from causing adverse effects. It is important for a patient to note that with this type of surgery, there can be complications or even problems thereafter. In addition to this, a patient is supposed to know that the teeth located in the bottom jaw tend to have more extraction complications as compared to the top teeth.

While this is the case, patients should stay prepared for any complications that may occur in order to know how well you can be able to curb them. Once the extraction has been carried out, you will experience some swelling, pain as well as bleeding. However, all these become a problem if they persist. When this happens, it is important to contact or see the doctor as soon as possible. In addition, in case you experience the provided complications below, be on the alert to contact your doctor as soon as you can for the necessary precaution to be taken.

One of the major tooth extraction complications is dry socket which is pain that persists for several days. It usually takes place when there is blood clot dislodged from the socket. When this happens the bone underneath is exposed which n return causes severe pain. While this takes place, your doctor will be prompted to restitch the region and at the same time prescribe antibiotics that you will use to guard against infection.

Allergic reaction is one of the major tooth extraction complications which occur when the jawbone, tongue or throat happens to swell to the point where it causes difficulty in breathing. This is a clear indication that you have an allergic reaction which requires you to call your dentist immediately.

In case you experience bad breathe a week shortly after receiving the extraction as you may have some infection. It is the obligation of the doctor to provide you with an antibiotic that will help in preventing the infection. You can as well use warm salt water to rinse the mouth in order to reduce the chances of infection.

Excessive bleeding is one other major tooth extraction complications. In case you experience severe bleeding without ceasing it simply implies that there is a damage done on the blood vessel during the procedure and this means that you require further treatment from your dentist as soon as possible.

However, in case you are involved in smoking or drinking directly from a straw, you will experience minor bleeding for a few days. It is therefore important to avoid this so that your dentist may not end up restitching and packing the extraction area for it to heal.

Alveolar nerve damage is yet one of the major tooth extraction complications. In most cases, this is evident when your bottom teeth tend to lose sensation once a tooth extraction has been done. This simply implies that maybe your dentist has damaged the alveolar nerve. In most case, the nerve sensation should basically come back in 3 months.

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