Ways To Straighten Teeth Besides Braces

Ways To Straighten Teeth Besides Braces

Today we will explain ways to straighten teeth without braces. Nothing beats a beautiful smile that is accompanied by perfectly shaped white teeth.

However, not everybody is blessed with naturally straight teeth as it is common to find lots of people with misaligned or perhaps crooked teeth.

This has led to various people in the past making the choice of visiting a orthodontist in order to get braces that will eventually straighten their teeth.

The popular trend is slowly becoming a thing of the past due to the numerous disadvantages associated with braces as well as the increase in other orthodontic options. This article is basically going to educate you as the reader on the alternative and efficient ways to straighten teeth without having to necessarily use braces.

Disadvantages of Using Braces

There are basically three main conditions that can make one to become an ideal candidate for unique orthodontic treatments that don’t involve the use of braces and they include:

  • Malocclusion
  • Limited overcrowding
  • Underdeveloped palate

Braces have been known to take a little longer in the teeth straightening process especially in older people. The average estimated period for wearing braces for adults is between two and three years.

Speech defects can also be experienced when using braces. Individuals are likely to develop a weak temporary slip when using the braces especially if the dentist had installed a palatial expander together with the braces.

One may be forced to give up some of their best meals including hard, solid foods like nuts, popcorn, raw carrots, pretzels, corns among others for the braces to work. This is because such food can cause serious damage to the braces making them ineffective. People wearing braces are also advised against consuming sticky food such as caramel, taffy or gum.

Personal oral maintenance can prove to be very problematic, especially when engaging in teeth flossing as the thread used can easily entangle itself into the brace wire brackets making it quite hard to remove.

In order to maintain proper dental health one is required to go for regular dental checkups as well as monthly visits to the orthodontist. When deemed necessary, the orthodontist might readjust the braces which may result in one or two days of pain and discomfort.

Individuals wearing braces are also required to wear Mouthguards during various high activities including sports. Caution should be taken when wearing them as any significant hit in the mouth could result in the damage of both the teeth and braces. Also, keep in mind that the brace wire can easily break or bend when interfered with.
Teeth straightening options besides braces

Use of Palatal Expanders

The use of a Palatal expander which is another option besides braces may be recommended by an orthodontist if a child’s mouth is way too small to accommodate upcoming adult teeth. The palatal expander is usually inserted to widen the arch of the topmost teeth creating the appropriate space required for the normal movement of teeth in their correct positions.

Palatal expanders are fastened using dental cement to the upper molars. After that, the orthodontist can then turn a small screw in the center using a special key resulting in evenly distributed pressure on both the right and left halves of the upper jaw. Expanders, unlike braces, are mostly invisible and patients are likely to experience a little discomfort when they are adjusted.


Retainers which work in a similar way to aligners and braces can either be fixed or removable. Retainers also slightly differ from braces as they work using a single big wire that successfully guides the teeth instead of the complicated wiring observed in braces.

This teeth straightening option is ideal when the misaligned teeth condition is way too severe to be cured by aligners and the patient in question does not favour the use of braces. For retainers to work they should be measured appropriately and fitted with their relevant springs.

Fixed retainers. Unlike removable retainers, fixed retainers are perfect long-term teeth straightening solutions that cannot be removed for repair or relief without the help of a medical professional. The retainers are attached to the inner teeth surface using dental cement in order to prevent them from occasional shifting resulting.

Removable retainers. Just as their name suggests removable retainers are those retainers that can be easily removed and fitted with ease by the user, especially during special events or when one wants to experience occasional relief and freedom. Due to their removable nature, such retainers are not only more expensive but also very easy to lose.

Dental Contouring

Dental contouring which is the other name for tooth reshaping is a nearly instant teeth straightening treatment option available for individuals with cracked or chipped teeth. The process involves a cosmetic dentist who critically studies the patient’s teeth and plans an effective treatment strategy with the help of x-rays.

He or she then uses the crafted plan to sculpt the affected teeth using a specialized drill, sanding strips and a specialized laser1  to remove the affected enamel. A powerful bonding material is then applied to the affected teeth. Dental contouring has the potential to make cracked or chipped teeth to appear straighter. The oral procedure is relatively expensive, making it ideal for patients with very few problematic teeth.


There are various specialized devices that can also be worn or used so as to achieve straight teeth. One of such devices is the headgear. Headgear, which is a unique device that can be used to straighten teeth works by placing significant pressure against a child’s upper jaw and teeth moving them both into their appropriate positions simultaneously.

The appliance is ideal for use by children with excessively protruding teeth and malocclusions. Those affected are required to wear the devices for specific durations, so as to see improvements in their conditions.

Using Dental Floss

Dental floss can also be used as a simple home based remedy for individuals wishing to straighten their teeth. This is often achieved by carefully tying the affected teeth together while applying pressure evenly to move the teeth around. Such a do-it-yourself home treatment should be practiced with great caution as it may result in serious long-term gum problems and teeth problems when performed wrongly.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers which produce incredibly fast results are very expensive dental procedures that can accomplish a total smile makeover within a period of one week. The treatment option is ideal for those with discolored, fractured, worn and misaligned teeth as well as those with large gaps between teeth and crookedly shaped teeth.

The process involves the placement of a thin layer of dental porcelain or composite (veneer) over a tooth’s surface so as to give it a more appealing look.

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