Wisdom Teeth Bleeding – Home Remedies to Stop It

Why Wisdom Teeth Hurt

Wisdom teeth bleeding is common during the first hour following the extraction procedure. As time passes, its likelihood decreases and bleeding is unusual after twenty four hours. In general, the open wound takes about 7 days to heal and in 1 to 2 months, the dental socket fills in with gum tissue.

It is not advisable to take aspirin and the reason is that it can make bleeding worse. To stop wisdom teeth bleeding, it is recommended to soak a tea bag in a cup of warm water, squeezing the excess moisture. Then, the tea bag should be placed on the bleeding socket for five to ten minutes. Bite on it and do not rinse for a couple of hours.

If the bleeding does not stop

If the bleeding does not stop, you should contact the oral surgeon or dentist who performed the extraction procedure. What they will do is place a coagulating substance in the dental socket as to stop the bleeding.

It should be noted that slight bleeding is common, occurring periodically on the site where the wisdom tooth was removed. This is because the sutures are in such a place that it is not possible to keep immobile. Some seepage of blood may occur due to the movement of tissue there from running, talking, chewing, and other activities.

This should not be a source of concern in normal circumstances. However, you should consult your dentist if you have health issues such as bleeding disorders or diabetes or if you are on blood thinners. Occasional bleeding is considered normal if it stops within a couple of minutes and is not profuse.

Again, one way to stop bleeding is to rinse using warm salted water. If the bleeding continues, i.e. it doesn’t stop within a couple of minutes, you may want to try placing one or two wet tea bags over the bleeding area. Hold it there and bite it down firmly. The tea bag should stay in place for up to 45 minutes so that it helps stop the bleeding. The components in the tea make it possible for the blood in the socket to clot.

Finally, it should be noted that wisdom teeth extraction is easy to perform on young patients, and the risk of complications such as wisdom teeth pain is smaller.

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