Wisdom Teeth Bruising, Causes, and Recovery

Wisdom teeth bruising

Wisdom teeth bruising and swelling normally disappears in a couple of days (2-3 to 9). In fact, bruising is not common in patients who do not take medications that thin the blood and those without bleeding disorders. While bruising is not very common, it is still possible. Swelling normally increases during the first 2 days and begins to subside afterwards. Using ice during the first day helps minimize it.

With simple extraction, there is normally little bleeding, swelling, and bruising. A more complex extraction procedure – when there is wisdom teeth pain and complications – may lead to more bleeding, swelling, and wisdom teeth bruising. Your dentist or oral surgeon will give you post-treatment instructions in order to minimize such side effects.

In some people, the lymph nodes swell, and this may indicate an active infection involving their wisdom teeth. Dry socket is not only painful, but it can result in an infection causing lymph nodes to swell. In this case, it is important to visit the dentist’s office, and they may prescribe an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory to deal with the infection.

Note that younger patients who undergo wisdom teeth extraction have less swelling, bruising, and muscle stiffness, and experience less post-surgery discomfort than older patients. The reason is that young people have the ability to repair, re-grow, and heal sinus and nerve injuries. The maxillofacial surgery causes almost no permanent complications among young patients.

Moreover, young people and teens have lower rates of postoperative infection because they have strong immune systems. Then, the roots of wisdom teeth are not deep in the jaw in young patients, and less bone has to be removed. This means that the surgical site is less sore after the removal procedure. In teens, the socket defect and surgical defect is small and closes quickly, making recovery faster and easier. Thus, wisdom teeth bruising, infections, and other complications are less common in young patients.

To minimize post-extraction side effects, it is recommended not to smoke during the first 12 hours. Smoking interferes with bleeding and can cause bleeding to occur. To control the bruising and swelling, it is recommended to apply cold packs, which act to slow circulation. Cold packs should be used during the first 24 hours and placed at the site of swelling. Use in cycles – twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off.

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