Wisdom Teeth – Retain It or Get Rid Of It?

Wisdom Teeth removal

Today we will discuses whether you should Retain or Get Rid Of Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth have very little to do with wisdom and are simply extra teeth that we grow in our young adult lives.

This 3rd molar frequently grows without causing any pain in most cases. However, some folks may suffer a certain degree of pain when the knowledge teeth do start growing.

Wisdom Teeth Removal the Case For and Against

It has got to be understood that by the time the knowledge tooth appears, your jaw has been absolutely established. All of the teeth are firmly in place . As a result, the wisdom tooth has to make space for itself, leading to giant pain in some cases.

It is possible that the tooth be removed if it is causing extreme pain.

There are certain conditions that call for the requirement for wisdom teeth removal. If the tooth is seated in a firm position then it needn’t be removed. However, if it is in an irregular position like tiled or twisted then you would need to get it removed. Wisdom teeth might also be needed to remove if they get trapped below the gum line.

Due to the inaccessibility of its location, the knowledge tooth is difficult to clean. This lack of hygiene could lead to tooth decay given its susceptibility to diverse bacteria or food fragments. This again would merit wisdom tooth extraction.

Removal of The Wisdom Tooth

Whether you need your wisdom tooth removed or not would be assesses with the help of an x-ray which help in determining the exact site of the tooth and the urgency-if any of its removal. What’s more, the x-ray will also help evaluate the best method of extraction to be employed in the removal process of the wisdom teeth.

The method of removal of wisdom tooth is often painful. The tooth is manually removed by using various surgical instruments. To make the method less painful, local anesthesia is administered. Once the area becomes numb, any extra tissue or bone that lies over the tooth is removed.

Once that is done, the tooth is removed carefully using surgical instruments.

Then there’s the obvious case of bleeding as the teeth need to be manually pulled out of the mouth. Bleeding can be controlled in a couple of hours by trying a gauge. No eating is authorized after some time after the removal. Though in some cases, eating cold things may be authorized as a further measure to curb bleeding.


In many instances you may not need a knowledge tooth extraction at all. If, however, you feel uncomfortable or end up experiencing discomfort due to it, by all means, consult a dentist to remove the teeth.

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